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Contract Review Management

Making contracts easy for smarter legal teams

The Problem with Inefficient Contract Review Processes

Does your contract cycle take too much time to complete? Or do you simply not know which part of a contract to focus on?

The workloads and paperwork of all departments are rising at an exponential rate but the contract review processes are often inefficient and disjointed.


Due to its offline nature, completing the review process of a contract requires more and more time, leading to increased cycle times and errors.

CLM Process challenges
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Reduce Contract Cycles to Minutes instead of Days

InkPaper drives contract excellence at scale by helping you reduce risk, errors and contract lifecycle times. Blockchain-based InkPaper’s legal expertise helps organizations and law firms review contracts easily using A.I.


Get Inkpaper to empower all departments and deliver higher-quality customer experiences through automation and increased visibility.


We help you minimize risk and improve negotiating outcomes. With integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning, InkPaper can help you achieve commercial success.

InkPaper simplifies your contract review process by understanding your contracts at sentence level

With InkPaper, you can automatically find and review important contract information within seconds. InkPaper enhances contract visibility, allowing you to change contract terms quickly and easily and rapidly respond to changes too.

Contract Review

InkPaper provides clients the right amount of flexibility to tackle large contract review projects. Rapidly redline contract clauses and easily see where changes have been made across an entire agreement.

Contract Phases

InkPaper delivers the best-in-class contract review experience for making your legal teams more efficient. We are tailor-made for providing a lightning-fast review interface so that you can quickly locate, comment upon, change, and approve critical clauses in your contracts.

Review and Collaboration
Flexible Search

Find contracts via specific clauses, find text withing a contract or assign tags to contracts to find them easily. Quickly locate any contract within seconds.

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Just InkPaper It!


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