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Microsoft Add-in

by InkPaper

An AI-powered Microsoft Word plugin designed to accelerate contract drafting and reviewing process.

The Smart Way To Manage Your Contract Workflow!

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Manage smartly!

Manage and smartly track your contracts in a single place.

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Negotiate fast!

Do real-time negotiations and have a clear view of the contract workflow.

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Save time!

Signing a contract isn’t a days process now, Use InkPaper and save time!

The InkPaper Process

We help streamline your contract process and store your contracts on the blockchain. Negotiating and signing a contract has never been EASIER.




Upload your own contracts - Merge, Save, Store with InkPaper




Choose from a wide range of Inkpaper templates or upload your own and start editing them.




With InkPaper’s secured storage, Save your documents and access them whenever you want.

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Experience an
instant speed in your
Contract Workflow!

With InkPaper clients spend less time on administrative work which helps them focus more on handling core legal issues. Experience an instant speed in your workflow!

Choose a Plan That Suits You Best!

InkPaper plans are crafted beautifully to suit the needs of an individual to an Enterprise. Choose what’s best for you.

With InkPaper, We spend much less time on administrative work. Which help us focus more on handling core legal issues.

What our clients say!

Adding InkPaper to our complex environment with numerous departments and locations was very easy and effective.

Managing contracts over mail is difficult. Using InkPaper makes our contract workflow seamless and efficient. 

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