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Boost your legal team's productivity with InkPaper

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Legal professionals wish they could spend more time on what matters more rather than on repetitive mundane tasks. A recent bill trend observed that legal professionals spend 48% of their time on administrative tasks rather than on valuable legal tasks.

Legal teams spend most of their time on recurring workflows, reviewing employment contracts, supply agreements, and responding to subject access requests. While 41% of legal professionals wished they could spend more time on business development, the heavy workload would make it difficult for them to do so.

By streamlining the time-consuming tasks from the contract workflows, InkPaper helps legal professionals work more efficiently with their teams. InkPaper enables teams to create, review, negotiate, sign, and store contracts securely on the cloud, accelerating the contract workflow to the execution cycle.

Here's are a few tips to boost your legal team's productivity:

  • To start with, it is of utmost importance to have the right talent in the team who are singularly focused on the success of the team and company.

  • By utilizing the right tools, legal professionals can automate the repetitive tasks and invest the time saved on workflows that matters more.

  • Establish clear management and workflows within the legal teams.

  • Identify and eliminate habits that consume more time and have less priority.

  • Ensure a systematic approach with productivity and use metrics to track it like any other expense. Share the performance results of the members with the entire team monthly.

Increase productivity with InkPaper:

Legal professionals need to use the right technology to be more productive and manage tasks more effectively. A single efficient contract workflow platform can reduce mundane tasks and help legal professionals to do more tasks in less amount of time. InkPaper streamlines the entire contract workflow by allowing legal teams to review, negotiate, and sign contracts electronically.

  • Simplify contract creation: Legal teams can easily create multiple contracts with InkPaper’s standard contract template repository. The standard contract templates already have the prerequisites and legal professionals only have to put in start date, end date, payment details, etc. Hence, legal teams can save the time used to create contracts from scratch with InkPaper.

  • Negotiate contracts faster: InkPaper enables legal professionals to review, edit, redline, and comment on contracts all in a single platform. This makes it easier for team members to fix contract errors faster, saving a lot of back and forth over multiple emails, word files, and virtual meetings.

  • Track contract workflows: With InkPaper, legal teams can easily track who last edited, commented, and signed the contracts, enabling teams to stay in sync with each other. Furthermore, legal professionals can also send alerts to the signatories directly from the InkPaper platform, notifying them to sign the contracts as feasible.

  • Sign and store contracts securely: InkPaper enables legal teams to obtain e-signatures quickly via blockchain technology. Each e-signature is secured with a unique dedicated hash and is stored on the cloud for future use. InkPaper is a centralized secure cloud platform that allows legal teams to access contracts from anywhere with an internet-enabled device.

InkPaper, a contract workflow, and an e-signature platform accelerate contract reviews from weeks to days. Legal teams can negotiate contracts and work together more efficiently all under a single platform to utilize the valuable time effectively. InkPaper fast tracks the contract workflows digitally, so legal teams can focus more on legal work rather than paperwork. InkPaper empowers law firms to increase productivity and to grow business exponentially.



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