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Streamline your contracts using InkPaper!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Over the years, we have worked with many small and large-scale companies. We have observed, while sales teams are enthralled upon getting more and faster closure of deals, the contract review process slows them down. We came up with InkPaper to streamline the legal process and make it effortless. InkPaper is a convenient tool that helps organizations speed up their legal process through services such as contract reviews, team collaborations, negotiations management, electronic signatures, and plenty more.

Here are key benefits of InkPaper that will help streamline your contracts:

1. Speed up the contract review process

The initial step in contract management is contract drafting and reviewing. Both of these processes are crucial yet time-consuming. The legal team has to go back and forth to review the contracts and ensure whether it is framed properly. This process can be brutal for senior lawyers who have to point out numerous mistakes manually. InkPaper can make your work easy by streamlining your contract review process for you. InkPaper provides workflow tools that help upload your contract to the cloud, collaborate online with your colleagues without the need for repetitive emails, and quickly eliminate the issues within your contract. A seamless and time-efficient contract process results in quicker closure of deals. With InkPaper, business teams focus on getting more deals without worrying about contract delays.

2. Collaborate with remote stakeholders

Once the contract is drafted, it is necessary to discuss negotiations that are acceptable for both parties. A typical negotiation includes various subjects like pricing, terms and conditions, rights and obligations, warranty provisions, terminations, and renewals. InkPaper makes this easier for you by providing a tool through which your team and remote stakeholders can contribute and negotiate on any matter. This collaboration and transparency build a trustworthy relationship between your organization and clients. InkPaper makes contract drafting easier and faster, resulting in business agility.

3. Get rid of multiple word files and emails for one contract

While going through the tedious process of reviewing contracts, multiple word files and emails of the same contract are exchanged between the stakeholders. Manually keeping track of the latest version of the contract and managing changes is error-prone and wastes expensive legal time. InkPaper saves you the trouble by managing the latest version of the contract on the cloud for easy access by all the stakeholders.

4. Get process visibility

Contract procurement is a lengthy process that involves countless steps. While lawyers put utmost attention in drafting the contract, it is easy to overlook some crucial points. InkPaper provides process visibility that not only enables you to view the process. But also allows you to edit, sign, and share documents by getting access to workflows. With InkPaper, you can track a contract’s progress, get notified when vendors sign the documents, and reminders when someone hasn’t. Process visibility serves one more benefit of building trust with new clients who want to view significant changes in the contact process.

5. Store documents securely

The next crucial step is to make sure the documents are stored securely. InkPaper simplifies record management for you by keeping them in an electronic repository. This ensures your documents are not only secure but are easily accessible whenever required.

6. Audit contract changes

Auditing contract changes regularly is the best way to optimize your team’s capacity for contract procurement. The more your team can manage contracts without errors, the faster your organization can grow. InkPaper creates a database that includes the history of every change made in a contract right when a document is uploaded to the system. This directory ensures every change is recorded, disabling the removal of the data.

7. Sign it up quickly with easy and secure e-signature technology

Signing the contract after the final approval is a trouble-free process. However, handwritten signatures make it difficult for organizations that deal with businesses across the globe. Emailing, printing, scanning, and signing the documents delays the contract procurement process. E-signatures by InkPaper simplifies this by providing a one-click solution. InkPaper e-signatures are not only legal in many countries but are also fully reliable and accessible from anywhere at any time. InkPaper uses blockchain technology that ensures the confidentiality of the document. InkPaper safeguards the legality, indispensability, and imitability of documents. Hence this enables organizations to get quicker agreements resulting in a faster-growing business.


InkPaper is a contract review and negotiation platform that eliminates many time-consuming, error-prone, and tiresome processes from your contract review to the execution cycle. InkPaper provides solutions to startups, mid-size organizations, law firms, and large enterprises. Using InkPaper can benefit you by streamlining your contract review processes which saves valuable time, close deals faster and boost revenue.

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