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Elevate Your Contract Drafting and Review Process!

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InkPaper Add-in for Microsoft Word helps you streamline contract creation and enhance the review process.

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Draft Contracts 3x Faster

With InkPaper's smart AI, crafting contracts gets smoother.

InkPaper Add-In suggests relevant clauses, template selection, and ensures consistency throughout the documents.

Experience a 3x boost in drafting speed, and focus on the details that matter.

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Review Contracts 5x Faster

Tedious contract reviewing takes a backseat with InkPaper.

Scan through the document, and extract crucial data, within Microsoft Word.

Unleash the power of AI-driven analysis and markups, slashing review time by 5x!

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Hardwired for Legal

Legal Data by Legal Experts

Secure Data Repository

Foolproof Contracting Experience

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