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  • What is a matter?
    Matter is a situation that needs the user's attention. A matter can be created or requested by the law-firms and clients. A matter can be created with or without an attachment to a contract.
  • How are my matters stored?
    With InkPaper, you can quickly store and track your matters. You can either upload a template via your local computer or use InkPaper's template repository to ease out the matter workflow process. When you send out a matter via InkPaper, InkPaper’s system smartly tracks the matter at different levels of a matter work cycle. ​ Storing Your Matters: You can store and organize your matters using the Hierarchical Folder Management System. You can create, edit and segregate folders based on your matter types or domains hierarchically and store your matters inside them. The Templates section is for you to store and manage all your matters in one place. You can also upload a template from your local computer and store it in this section. Tracking Your Matters: You can easily track your Matters using our Matter Lock Shifting Tracking System where the user containing the lock has access to the matter for a specified duration. Activity log allows you to track all the activities specific to a matter. Folder Hierarchy Create multiple folders and store templates Create folders inside root folders and sort your work hierarchically. Quickly access previous folders via the folder timeline.
  • How can I upload a template from my local system?
    To upload a template from your local system on the InkPaper homepage, choose the upload drop-down. The upload drop-down gives you access to upload a template via your local system. Alternatively, you can choose the template via My Template. Law firms can even access the associated client templates to start the matter.
  • What are global templates?
    Global templates are templates that are available all across your organization on InkPaper. As a Super Admin, you can control globally available templates, edit existing templates, create your own, and even upload new ones from your local system
  • How can I associate a matter with a client company?
    To associate a matter with a client company, simply click on the 'start a matter' button on the home page and select the client name from the first drop-down menu. This is how you can associate a matter in seconds with a client.
  • How can I send a matter internally?
    You can simply send a matter to an internal teammate. Select the "start a matter" button on the homepage, and choose a teammate from the drop-down given. Attaching a template to the matter is optional.Choose the specific permission to be given to the user, and make them your "approver", "reviewer" or "viewer" of the matter. (Only in the case of attached templates) Click send to start a matter internally.
  • How can I see my matter Workflow?
    Matter Workflow gives you a comprehensive view of matters that are attached to you. You can choose to apply different filters while accessing the matter workflow, to best suit the view according to your requirement. Simply click on the 'Matter Workflow' button on the left navigation bar on the InkPaper tool to view a list of all the matters that you are attached to.
  • How to use filters in the matter workflow section?
    To use the filters, In the left navigation bar, click on "Matter Workflow" under the matters section. Besides each heading, the drop-down icon let's the user activate and choose among the filters present. The user can apply multiple filters at once.
  • How can I start a matter using "template repository"?
    Users can start a matter from "template repository". Just click on any tile that you want to start a matter from. It will take the user to a document preview screen. Where user can assign the matter to a client. Add internal, client & external members to the matter.
  • How can I access my template repository?
    On the Homepage of InkPaper Just clicking on the template repository button on the top will take you to your template repository. The same can be accessed via the left nav bar under the matters section.
  • How can I access the drafts section?
    On the left navigation bar, Under "Matter" section click on the "Drafts" to quickly access the "Drafts" section. The drafts will contain all the matters that were started but were closed by the user without adding users to it. You can choose to continue the workflow or discard the drafted matters.
  • What is super access?
    The Super Access is an access level on InkPaper that lets the law-firm users access the clients contract with their consent and take actions on their behalf. The Super Access comes in handy when the client user requires a law-firm intervention or isn't taking an action on the contract. The law-firm users can access the clients they have super access to using the header bar on InkPaper.
  • How are account managers added?
    Law-firm super admins and admins can give access to the users while they are being added. Or post adding a team member, they can be made the account managers just by going to the client section and choosing the "edit pen" icon from the right side for the client you want to add account managers for. Clicking on the icon will open up the below shown popup and it will let you choose the account managers from your internal team.
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