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An e-signature or electronic signature is an efficient, legally binding solution to get approval on electronic documents. It is secure and verifiable; it can replace a handwritten signature in virtually any process. Get started with e-signatures from InkPaper. 

What are the benefits of E-Signatures?

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Legally Bind & Secure

E-signatures are legal, trusted, and enforceable in almost every industrialized country in the world. 

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Incredibly Efficient

Speed up every process by allowing recipients to e-sign documents. With InkPaper, clients spend less time on administrative work, saving time to focus more on handling core legal issues. 

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Extremely Cost Effective

Signing a contract isn’t days long process anymore.  Use InkPaper and save time & money. 

How are contracts secured?

How are contracts secured?

InkPaper uses blockchain-based authentication and a secure cloud storage to keep your contracts safe and secure. 

Cloud storage is also encrypted at multiple level for security.  


Blockchain Authentication refers to systems that verify users to the resources found on the underlying technology of Bitcoin & other digital currency. 


Cloud security is the set of policies, technology, software, and apps that protect your personal and professional data stored online. 

How to send contracts for signatures?

How to send contracts for signatures?

  • Step 1. Register for a free trial at InkPaper, and then log in. 

  • Step 2. Upload the contract from your computer or choose templates from InkPaper 

  • Step 3. Add the recipient names and email addresses of your contract signers. 

  • Step 4. Choose the add fields option. Click, and drag InkPaper tags in the spots where you want your clients to sign and click send.  

  • Step 5. After signing, a certificate of completion is generated for the person who started the contracts. All the parties involved in the signing process will receive a signed copy on their registered email with InkPaper. 

What is a completion certificate?

What is a completion certificate?

A completion certificate is a document generated automatically on InkPaper after a user has fully executed a contract. A completion certificate contains important information, such as - Signer name, Contact, Hash ID, etc. 

Sample Completion Certificate


What is InkPaper?

InkPaper is the one-stop solution for electronically reviewing legal paperwork, securely signing the contracts, and maintaining all your legal paperwork in one place.

What is inkpaper?

How can I track and store my contract? 

How can i track and store my contracts?

On InkPaper you can quickly store and track your contracts. You can upload a contract via your local computer. InkPaper also provides you with a template repository that helps ease out the contract workflow process. 

When you send out a contract via InkPaper, InkPaper’s system smartly tracks the contract at different levels of a contract work cycle. 

Storing Your Contracts: 

  • You can store and organize your contracts using the Hierarchical Folder Management System.

  • You can create, edit and segregate folders based on your contract types or domains hierarchically and store your contracts inside them.

  • There is a section named “Templates” where you can manage and store all your contacts in one place.  

  • You can also upload a contract from your local computer and store it in this section.

  • You can assign tags to your contracts depending on their domains, types, etc. to filter the contracts.

Tracking Your Contracts:

  • You can easily track your contracts using our Contract Lock Shifting Tracking System where the user containing the lock has access to the contract for a specified duration.

  • There is also a section named Activity log where you can track all the activities specific to a contract.

Folder Hierarchy

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Create multiple folders and store templates.

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Create folders inside root folder, Sort your work hierarchically.

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Quickly access previous folders via the folder timeline.

Contract Comparison

What is Contract Comparison?

Contract comparison is comparing two contracts simultaneously. It helps in finding the difference between two contracts easily by highlighting the differences. It makes redlining easier. 

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